CEO and Founder

Responsible for the safe and reliable operation of the airline. Our CEO is accountable for oversight and maintenance of all divisions. In that remit the CEO will need extensive operational experience to lead and ensure that the following departments are run to an excellent standard:

  • Engineering
  • Flight Operations
  • Security
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Maintenance
  • Ground Operations
  • Flight technical services

The CEO is expected to develop and maintain an excellent level of performance through increased reliability and close working relationships with other divisions in order to maintain world class service delivery.

He will be responsible for achieving improved efficiencies through the implementation of new tools and technologies and ensuring that the cost efficiency plans are driven.


Deputy CEO and Co-Founder

Our Deputy CEO is responsible directly to the CEO and undertakes oversight of the operations of the management structure and staff below him acting as a conduit to and representative of the staff team thus allowing the CEO to develop and implement the strategies of the airline whilst ensuring that important information is circulated.

Working closely with the CEO he will assist in promoting and cultivating ideas to allow our management team to fulfil their role in developing and testing aspects within the flight-sim world which will give our pilots the chance to enhance their own skills across a broad spectrum of aircraft and with the flight tools used to operate the aircraft on the main platforms available.

He will ensure that the departments within the airline run efficiently and to excellent standards, reporting on a regular basis to the CEO. the staff and our pilots.

Primary duties include:

  • Liaison with staff and pilots to ensure efficient and high quality control of our service, reporting important issues to all members appropriately.
  • Maintaining the staff and pilot databases ensuring that all records are up to date.
  • Regular monitoring of emails and forums to give timely responses to issues raised.
  • Keeping staff and pilots up to date with developments